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KK session will be held on Sunday 18th and Saturday 25th
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Wicket Keepers are all too often forgotten when it comes to practice and training. It is one of the most important positions on the field, occupied by athletic, enthusiastic, energetic characters, who help the captain, the bowlers and keep everything going. Wrongly, you guys are thought to be there to stop the ball and catch it during training sessions, then perform miracles behind the stumps on a match day, having not worked on the very specific skills required to be the best. Now you can with this series of specialist coaching sessions for wicket keepers.

Keepers Klub continues in 2020/21. We are pleased that Peter Hunt has agreed to continue to run these important sessions. Sessions will be held at Taverham Hall this year. 

The players will work hard on the skills required to be the best. They will look at all aspects of stance, taking the ball, both standing up and back, the 'K' position, diving, watching the ball, glove position and much more. In 2020/21 the skills continue, working on fitness, core basics, run outs and continued work on the skills needed. New keepers are always welcome, whatever age or ability.

Zack Taylor in position

Laurie Ollerton shows a perfect stance

Keepers Klub

*      Open to all wicket keepers, of all ages and abilities, who wish to improve their game

*      60 minute sessions from 5.00-6.00pm

*      Physical and mental conditioning, video analysis, bowling machine work and specific drills

*      Limited numbers in any one group

*      All sessions led by Peter Hunt

*      Alternate weeks starting on Sundays at Taverham Hall starting in October

*      Cost for 5 sessions - £80.00

Group B: 25th October, 8th and 22nd November, 6th and 20th December

Replacement sessions for those in red above will be on January 17th and 31st

If you are a wicket keeper, who wants to improve to your reach your potential, then this is the course for you.

Keepers in Action

Contact Peter Hunt for more info, or email your details to redmist.cricket@talk21.com

Wicket Keepers 2020/21

Rebecca Davey
Sam Davey
Ciaran Lake
Livi Hill
Emma Thompson

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