posted 11 Nov 2009, 10:53 by Steve Goldsmith   [ updated 3 Apr 2012, 06:18 ]

Hudson de Lucchi
Thank you for all your imput into Huddy over the last few sessions. I am sure many people have told you this, but you  have a great rapport with the youngsters and Huddy has already benifitted from your training sessions.
He has grasped your passion for getting things correct and spends hours practicing, often by himself, to get it just
I know you may feel it is your ''job'' as their coach, but I can see it is more than that to you and feel it realy shows when you are coaching the boys.
From Colin de Lucchi - 1/11/2009

Tyler Murphy
Just a quick note to say thanks for coaching Tyler he has really enjoyed it,and moved on so much.
From Kevin Murphy - 21/4/2011

Archbishop Sancroft H/S
Hi Steve
I just wanted to let you know that the pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the
cricket sessions run by Steve Cadge at Archbishop Sancroft High School.
Steve has been very professional and has shown a great rapport with
the pupils whilst maintaining a high standard of behaviour.  The pupils skills
have really developed and we are hoping that some of them will move on to club
I feel we are always ready to moan about a coach but do not always give
positive feedback, hence the Email! Thank you for sending us a high quality
From Sally Levi, 13/7/2011

Ben Bailey
Hi Steve – just wanted to say how much Ben enjoyed the session on Sunday evening. It’s the first time he has bowled/batted in an indoor net, so it was a completely new experience for him, but he came away having thoroughly enjoyed it.
From Simon Bailey, 11/10/2011

Jacob Rhodes

I didn’t have a chance to thank you and Peter on Sunday for all your help with Jacob’s cricket over the winter. The County trials last year proved a fantastic stimulus for Jacob and although he was ultimately unsuccessful his cricket has been transformed. His front foot drive is now a thing of real beauty! We’d particularly like to thank Peter whose gentle encouragement was exactly what Jacob needed at a time when his confidence was in need of a real boost. Like it or not Pete your Jacob’s new best friend. He can’t wait for the Topcroft and District seasons to start and I’m sure you will be getting chapter and verse updates on his progress. If we don’t see you on the circuit we’ll see you next autumn at Redmist or perhaps for a one to one refresher.
From Jeremy and Helen Rhodes 3/4/2012

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