Speed '5' Coaching

Speed '5' Coaching sessions were a new format for the winter in 2011/12.

The Speed '5' system was trialled six winters ago under the guidance of the creator, Neil Taylor, who came up with the idea. It has been so successful that we will be running this session for players every two weeks throughout the winter months. There is a limited number of places available for the group, so an early response to the forms will be advisable.
Players work on specific skills during each session, spending short, intensive periods working on an aspect of the main theme. Sessions continue in 2016 with new members welcome.

The last session of the winter saw the Speed '5' Challenge. Players competed in 5 disciplines, gaining points for their efforts. The winner was Taylor De Lucchi who scored 222. The coaches then challenged all the players with Neil Taylor scoring the winning 'runs' of the final ball for the coaches to win 3-1. The evening was a great success and the atmosphere electric throughout. Congratulations to all the boys during the winter and we look forward to running more of these sessions next winter.
Thanks must go to all the coaches. Neil Taylor, Peter Hunt, Andy Drinkell, Ben Hunt and Sam Hunt for all there help through the winter.

Speed 5 sessions will be announced here shortly. The form will appear at the same time at the bottom of the page.
Dates for these sessions are; 

Lords Group: 6.00 to 7.30pm: 

Sessions to be covered:
Batting - Front Foot
Bowling and Wicket Keeping
Batting - Pulls and Cuts
Fielding Circuit
Batting - Back Foot
Diving Catching
Hitting Over the Top and Coming Down the Wicket
Intercepts, Chase and Retrieve, Back Hand Flicks
Run Ups, Follow Thoughs and Completing the Action
Reaction Catching

All sessions, except fielding and bowling, include a net situation, bowling machine, skills, Kanon machine(s).

The Format.

  • Maximum 18 players
  • 1 .5 hours sessions
  • Intensive five minute specific coaching sessions
  • All ages welcome
  • Forms can be downloaded below
Cost £80 (incl. VAT)
If you are interested in the fastest, most intense coaching available, please register with us by email.