Red Mist Cricket 'Super Tips'

Red Mist aims to help all cricketers improve their game, whatever the individuals level or age. Here we have some tips for you to help your game and prepare you for season, match play, technical advancement, mental approach and physical conditioning.

  1. Nets. Everyone will attend nets and generally they are  a poor way of practising if not done in a structured manner and with a purpose. Work in the nets as if it were a game situation. Bat with patients and be prepared to leave the ball early on, then accelerate the innings as the time progresses.
  2. Ask the bowlers for the type of field set so that you can adjust the way you play accordingly.
  3. Look for the quick single, playing with 'soft hands' to kill the pace and suggest that you are going to take on the fielders.
  4. If the net is for practising specific strokes, this is the best place to try them. Try sweeping the spinners, hitting over the top, improvising shots, attacking or defending.
  5. Ask the bowlers to bowl six balls in a row so that you can work on playing each bowlers over by over.
  6. Push yourself. Run a two every ball or if with a partner, start with three balls each and run, then two and finally run one every ball.
  7. Look at the shape of your shot and the outcome and see if the ball went where it should have. Shadow the correct shot as technically as you can before playing the next delivery.
  8. Bowlers are not there just as 'fodder' for the batters. Have a plan of how you are going to bowl to individual batters.
  9. Study the batsmans shots and find strengths and weaknesses. Then change yor plan to bowl at the weaknesses.
  10. Set yourself targets for lines and lengths.
  11. For left hand batsmen, change your angle of approach slightly so that you repeat your action to bowl different lines.
  12. Try not to bowl no balls. This is not always easy indoors where there are no markings, but when there are crease lines, use them.
  13. Use straight lines to help with alignment. Cones, tape on the floor, markers can all help with straightening run ups, followthroughs, alignment of arms, head and shoulders and feet. If you are not sure, video it so that you can see what you do and where you can improve.
  14. Take a deep breath before you start your run up and focus on what you plan to do. Batters can do the same prior to the the bowler starting their run up. This will help you to relax and take tension out of your body.
  15. Experiment using the crease for lines and angles against batsmens weaknesses.

  1. Fitness and Nutrition. Get fit and stay fit for the season. Work on core strength and stamina to get physically and mentally prepared.
  2. Running, biking, and cycling can help with stamina.
  3. Sprint training can help with running between the wickets and turning and chasing the ball. Work on the specifics for running, especially bringing the hands from 'hip to ear' to help drive the body forwards.
  4. Eat healthily. Before matches have slow release carbs, even the night before. Brown rice and pasta rather than fatty heavy foods. During matches quick release foods including energy bars and jelly babies top up energy levels. Cricket lasts a long time but is an explosive sport. A balanced diet is important.
  5. Hydrate during the match. Energy drinks are ok but water is required with many of these to help them into the system. 
  6. Swimming is good for fitness and puts less strain on the body. It is also good for rehab when trying to come back from injury. Running in a pool is good for all these reasons and will help in increasing muscle development, stamina, technique, all whilst lessening strain on the body.