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Last years successful sessions and numbers resulted in an increase in the groups and with this success we are continuing into 2018/19 with three groups working this year. The younger players (up to 11 years old) will be on Wednesdays from 6.00 to 8.00pm and the older group (14+) will be from 8.00-10.00pm. The middle group (11-13 years old) will  be on a Tuesdays from 6.00pm till 8.00pm.

Red Mist Cricket Limited started  winter period offering a whole new experience for young cricketers keen to make rapid progress in their development. The development of the players listed on the previous page has proved how successful these groups have been and how hard they have worked. We look forward to them seeing the success they deserve in the summer at all levels

The Academy gives players the chance to work on all aspects of their game over the winter period. This will include skills practice, nets, fitness, video analysis and game review covering the main areas of the game, but with an indepth analysis for each player.

All players are invited to apply for a position on the Academy.
(A maximum number of players will be on each Academy. In the event of more applicants, another group will be set up. These players will all be part of The Academy, but groups will train on a different night/time)

Players will recieve;
  • Weekly group work including skills sessions, fitness assessment and fitness sessions
  • Special Junior Academy clothing
  • Individual video analysis
  • Tactical, mental, physical, technical and lifestyle management areas covered 
  • Guest coach sessions
The 2018/19 year will be split into three 'terms'.
1. Autumn. 10 week period starting in October 2016

2. Spring. 10 week period starting in the New Year.

Group 2 please note alternate time slots

3. Summer. 10 week period running till June

Tuesdays 6-8pm 9/16/23/30 April, 7/14/21/28 May/ 11 and 18 June

Payment for the RMCL Academy can be made in two ways
  1. Full payment for the year 2015/16 as above - £900.00
  2. Payment in three instalments, payable at the start of each 10 week 'term' - 1. £330.00, 2. £330.00 and 3. £330.00
The information letter is attached below.

Junior Group ready for press ups at January's fitness session with Sam Plater

2018/19 The Players

Caitlin Dye (Swardeston and Norfolk Under 17 Girls and Women) Au 
Holly Marchant (Old Buckenham and Norfolk Under 15 Girls and Women) Au-Sp
Lewis Reeder (Topcroft and Norfolk Under 12's) Au-Sp
Georgina Cohen (Norwich Wanderers and Norfolk Under 13's) Au-Sp
Asa Cohen (Norwich Wanderers)  Au-Sp

Riley Borges (Horsford and Norfolk U10's) Au
Sam Davey (Great Melton) Au-Sp
Harrison Cunningham (Great Melton and Norfolk Under 13's) Au-Sp
Ciaran Lake (Swardeston and Norfolk Under 13's) Au-Sp
Luke Bettridge (Topcroft and Norfolk Under 15's) Au-Sp
William Boyd (Horsford) Au
Henri Boyd (Horsford) Au 
Arthur Butterworth (Horsford and Norfolk Under 10'sAu-Sp
Sam Kassulke (Norfolk Under 12's) Au-Sp
Ben Gaskin (Great Melton) Au-Sp
Enoch Uthayarajan (Norwich and Norfolk Under 13's) Au-Sp-Su
Rikin Rajesh Kumar (Swardeston) Au-Sp-Su
JC Malherbe (Horsford and Norfolk Under 10's) Au-Sp 
Freddie Temple Au
Sam Palmer (Hardingham) Au-Sp
Jack Joice Au
Menuk Jayakody (Rocklands and Norfolk Under 12's) Au
James Adcock (Topcroft and Norfolk Under 11's) Au
Jamie Reeder (Topcroft)  Au-Sp
James Atkins (Sprowston) Au-Sp-Su
Jack Garner (Norfolk Under 11's)  Au
Charle Malherbe (Horsford) Au-Sp
Jade Hoyte (Norfolk Under 17 Girls and Women and New Buckenham) Au
Ben Lucas (Thornham) Au-Sp
Oliver Longdon (Swardeston and Norfolk Under 10's) Au-Sp
Keiran Cook (Topcroft and Norfolk Under 10's) Au-Sp
Henry Overall (Swardeston and Norfolk Under 11's)Au-Su
Dominic Walker (Norfolk Under 11's) Sp
Edward Jay (Norfolk Under 13's) Sp-Su
George Woodcock Sp-Su
Oliver Saunders (Aylsham St. Giles) Su
Emma Thompson Su

Academy Players are invited to go to the link below and fill in our Academy Questionaire to help us improve what we offer in The Academy.

 Wednesday Group 1
Group 2

 Wednesday Group 3Summer Group 
Arthur Butterworth
Ben Gaskin
Sam KassulkeRikin Kumar
Jack Joice
Sam Davey
Jade Hoyte
George Woodcock
Riley Borges
Freddie Temple
Sam Palmer
Edward Jay
Rikin Kumar
Harrison Cunningham
Ben Lucas
James Atkins
Harry Tufts
William Boyd
Cairan Lake
Jack Joice
JC Malherbe
Henry Boyd
Luke Bettridge
Enoch Utharayajan
Charl Malherbe
Jack GarnerJamie Reeder
Oliver Longdon
Edawrd JayHolly MarchantOliver Saunders
Keiran Cook
Enoch Uthayarajan
Caitlin DyeEmma Thompson
James Adcock
Georgia Cohen

Sam Kasaulke
Dominic WalkerAsa Cohen

Henry Overall 
Henry OverallLewis Reeder

Menuka Jayacody

George Woodcock

James Atkins

Please note that the Red Mist Academy is in no way connected to and are not funded by NCB. This also means that Red Mist Cricket Academies have no influence over NCB selection, policy or player progression within the NCB.

Steve Goldsmith,
17 Jul 2018, 04:12